XPS Professional Mailer Series

All of our exciting products are built with high standards, especially the XPS Professional Mailer Series products. They are built with the professional mailer in mind, giving you a heavy duty, reliable machine with incredible performance. The best part is, it’s all made with pride here in the USA.

The XPS ProMail is a heavy duty monochrome inkjet printer designed for professional mailers doing production mail.  With several accessories to choose from (shown below), the system can be configured to match the needs of your production.

The XPS ProTab 4.0 is the best high-speed system we have ever offered. It doesn’t just have high speed ratings like the competition; it runs and runs smoothly at over 35,000 per hour.

The XPS ProDry 8.0 offers a blazing 8,000 watts of infrared drying power.  Exclusively designed to run inline with the XPS ProMail.

The XPS ProFeed Shuttle is a heavy duty vacuum shuttle feeder designed to pair up with our XPS ProMail and XPS ProTab 4.0.

The XPS BumpTurn rotates media 90 degrees.  Perfect for those booklet tabbing jobs where the feed orientation on the tabber does not match the feed orientation on the inline printer.

The TB-659 is a six foot conveyor designed to work exclusively with the XPS ProMail production mail system.  Add a second TB-659 for 12 feet of conveying length or a third for 18 feet of conveying length.