Our software offerings are used in several different applications from direct mail, barcode generation and printing, and color management for our color printers.  

BCC Bulk Mailer SMB is the perfect software solution for direct mail.  In addition to CASS, PAVE, NCOA, and presort, the BCC Bulk Mailer SMB duplication search tool offers multiple search options and field combinations for precise results. In addition, an optional Suppression Suite is available to flag records that match entries in do-not-mail, deceased person and correction facility lists.

FlexMail is a variable data design and printing solution, unmatched in its versatility and performance. FlexMail lets you connect to your data, prepare the data for your project, design your output, and print at high quality and speed on any printer.

mColor was created to bring professional grade color printing to the our color printers. In a nutshell, it’s an advanced color management and job workflow tool that is simple to use. It includes spot color adjustment which allows you to painlessly match existing logo colors. You can be anywhere on the network to submit, manage, and preview jobs.