MACH 5DX Full Color Duplex Printer

mach 5dx rena by quadient
  • Print Area

    8.5" wide x 17" long

  • Speed

    Up to 12 inches per second

  • Connectivity

    USB and Ethernet

We have added duplex ability to the Mach 5! It’s the same exceptional technology from Memjet, but this time, it can print on both sides!

The Mach 5DX is capable of printing full color at 6 inches per second and an amazing 1600 x 1600 dots per inch. The faster option is 1600 x 800 dpi at 12 inches per second. These speeds are both for single and double-sided printing. The Mach 5DX is still packed with the same Memjet five ink channels (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black, and Black) and the same single 8.77” wide print bar. Inside these channels is a whopping 70,400 nozzles from which the ink is sprayed onto the substrate.

The five ink tanks each hold 250 mL of ink for long job runs and low cost per piece. If your business is looking for a machine that will produce short runs, the Mach 5DX is perfect for that as well. Print what you need, when you need it. It will eliminate outdated cardstock and free you up on storage.

Enhance the performance of the MACH 5DX by pairing the printer with the optional mColor RIP & Workflow software to deliver the color consistency and accuracy required by creative and production-oriented users.

What Can the MACH 5DX Do?

application finder 10 envelope full color logo rena by quadient
application finder 10 envelope window full color full bleed rena by quadient

Full Color Envelopes

Print full color envelopes at speeds of up to 7,500 #10 envelopes per hour.  The MACH 5DX does not use heat during the printing process, so there is no need for expensive, laser safe window envelopes.

application finder 10 envelope full bleed color rena by quadient

Full Bleed

Print to the edge without the need to cut, trim, or convert.

application example envelope mach5dx front duplex
application example envelope mach5dx back duplex

Full Color Duplex Envelopes

Print full color duplex envelopes at speeds of up to 7,500 #10 envelopes per hour in a single pass.  Printing duplex does not result in loss of speed.

application finder invitation envelope full color full bleed rena by quadient

Add color and full bleed to invitations

mColor RIP & Workflow Color Matching Software

Color Matching

Color matching can be accomplished using our mColor RIP software.

Application Finder

Do you have a specific application in mind and need help matching products to your application?  Check out the Application Finder for more information.

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Feature Specification

Print Technology

Memjet Print Technology


Up to 7,500 #10 envelopes per hour (1600 x 800 dpi @ 12 ips)

Up to 3,600 pages per hour (1600 x 800 dpi @ 12 ips - 8.5" x 11" sheets)

Material Size

Single Sided:

MIN: 4.2" L x 3" W

MAX: 17" L x 9.5" W


MIN: 6" L x 4" W  

MAX: 17" L x 9" W

Material Thickness

Up to 0.020" (0.5 mm)

Print Quality

Normal (1600 x 800 dpi @ 12 ips); Best (1600 x 1600 dpi @ 6 ips)

Ink Capacity

Cyan (250 ml); Yellow (250 ml); Magenta (250 ml); Black (500 ml)

Print Area

8.5" x 30" with full bleed capability

Color Matrix

Up to 16.8 million colors


Top Load Friction Feeder Built-In

PC Interface


Firmware Update

Electronic Download via PC Connection


Pressure Roller Transport System with Star Rollers


Full color inkjet; fixed head design; high capacity ink tanks; automatic printhead cleaning and capping service station; duplexing unit


All available TruType or Postscript system fonts


With Printer: 39" L x 54.5" H x 21.5" D
Without Printer: 28.25" L x 33" x 21.5" D


With Printer: 146 lbs
Without Printer: 72 lbs


110-240 VAC 60Hz / 2A