Common accessories for inkjet monochrome printers, digital color printers, tabbers, stamp affixers, and label applicators include conveyors, feeders, and bump turn.

The TB-390 is a three foot conveyor and is a great addition to any of our table to monochrome printers, full color printers, and tabbers.  Available with a 700 watt dryer for drying on glossy stock.

The TB-690 six foot conveyor is designed to handle glossy and coated stocks at high speed.  The available infrared drying units offer nearly twice the heat output of similar models. This aids drying on hard to print materials.

The EasyFeed 140 is a great feeding option for printers, tabbers, stamp affixers, and label applicators that do not have built in feeders.

The XPS Bump Turn rotates media 90 degrees and is used to bridge the gap between two pieces of equipment when media needs to be rotated from the output of one machine into the input of another.

The ES-450 is a desktop automatic envelope flap sealer incorporating the same quality and features that have been built into Rena equipment for years. From a #9 envelope up to a 10×13, and with various types of flaps, the ES-450 will provide consistentfeeding and flap sealing quality. Convenient set-up, along with quick changeover from job to job.